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AdWords Road Map

These days most companies will turn to the professional services of a SEO company when it comes to their AdWords advertising campaign. This is due to the fact that these marketing campaigns require constant monitoring, reassessing and amending and most company owners don't have the time to manage this while still trying to run a successful company.
If you are doing your own campaign, then there are a few AdWords success tips that a SEO company will tell you to ensure your adverts help you achieve your online marketing goals in the long run. The first thing you are going to want to focus on is the adverts themselves. You need to have excellent customer knowledge and knowledge about your competitors, you need to know what your clients will be looking for so you can gear your adverts towards that to attract attention and drive more traffic to your website.
The second important AdWords success tips is to do thorough keyword research. Identify the keywords and key phrases your customers are using when they search for products or services that you supply online. Choose your keywords with care, using long, short and local SEO orientated keywords to target your audience and ensure that you increase the chances of a client seeing and clicking on your advert.
Then you are going to want to focus on the attraction of your advert. What is going to make your audience want to click on your link over the other links available? What is going to make your advert more appealing? Make use of headings, tags and more to ensure that you are always working to reach your audience. As you would with your offline marketing, such as pamphlet drops, you now need to gear your efforts towards the millions of people that search on the internet each and every day.
Keep your adverts informative ideally try and answer a question. Chances a client that goes online to search for a product has a reason. Identifying why your clients would want your product and answering that question quickly, ensuring that they see the answer and click on the link should be your primary focus at all times.
Set yourself a budget. Remember AdWords works on a daily budget amount. This set budget can be split among various adverts, so you can choose which adverts receive the most of the budget and so forth. A good SEO company will tell you to ensure the advert that draws the most traffic receives the highest budget for the day and then work your budget down accordingly. The benefit is that you can change the budget as and when you want to, so you can identify what works best with each advert.
Another thing a SEO company will tell you is that you need to monitor the success of your AdWords campaign daily. You can generate reports so you can see which adverts are working and which aren't. Identify why the non-performing adverts aren't providing you with eh results you wanted to achieve. If you have an advert with very few or no clicks, then you may want to scrap that advert completely reassess the situation and generate some new adverts to see how they perform.
Taking all this into consideration, if you decide that you don't have the time needed, then hire a professional SEO company that has experience with AdWords campaigns. They should provide you with detailed monthly reports so you can see how your advertising budget is working for you and see the traffic being driven to your website as a result.
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Best Ecommerce Trends In 2017

Many studies have shown a double-digit rise in worldwide ecommerce sales in 2016. Many analysts even predict that the worldwide ecommerce sales will increase consistently till 2020.
However,Each enterprise needs to ensure that its Ecommerce website keep users engaged by functioning like a mobile app. It must optimize its Ecommerce website for mobile devices and allow users make payment through popular mobile wallets. At the same time, the business also needs to keep track of the emerging ecommerce trends to accomplish higher conversion rate and increase digital commerce revenue. There is a series of trends that will impact and shape ecommerce sales in 2017.

7 Trends that will Impact and Shape Ecommerce Business in 2017
1) Personalized Shopping Experience
Unlike mobile apps, websites lack the capability to personalize user experience by taking advantage of the features of underlying device and operating system. But many enterprises nowadays use analytics tools to gather a wide variety of customer data. The data collected through analytics tools help businesses to identify the preferences and understand the behavior of individual customers. Also, an ecommerce business can leverage the information to engage customers by showing the right product, content, ads, and deals to each customer. It can further personalize the shopping experience of each customer and boost ecommerce sales by delivering app-like user experience.
2) Social Selling
The data posted on various websites depict that people spend more time on social networking platforms than other websites. Many businesses promote their products or services on popular social networks to divert visitors to their ecommerce websites regularly. There are a number of social networking websites that allow users to buy products or services directly without visiting an ecommerce website. Many social networks are even planning to roll out new features to generate more revenue by facilitating social selling. The ecommerce business owners can take advantage of these social selling options to promote their products more effectively and boost sales.
3) Chat Bots
Many high-traffic websites nowadays interact with customers through chat bots. In addition to working as customer service executives, the chat bots also help users to perform commercial activities like shopping and booking. Many ecommerce website developers and owners will soon explore ways to keep visitors engaged by interacting with the machines efficiently. However, an enterprise has to deploy a variety of chat bots to meet the varying needs and preferences of customers. Some ecommerce companies have already used chat bots to provide personal shopping service and send messages. Many enterprises will soon use chat bots to make their ecommerce website more interactive and make shopping experience personalized.
4) Artificial Intelligence
The popular mobile platforms make people use artificial intelligence on a daily basis. A large number of people nowadays perform common tasks by talking to their machines through Google's Assistant, Apple's Siri, or Microsoft's Cortana. Large ecommerce companies like Amazon have already started using artificial intelligence to chat with customer. But the ecommerce websites will need a variety of personal assistant to optimize the end-to-end shopping experience. More and more ecommerce businesses will take advantage of artificial intelligence to interact with customers in a smarter way and without deploying additional staff.
5) Contactless Payment
The mobile commerce apps enable users to choose from many payment modes - debit/credit card, internet banking and mobile wallets. A large number of buyers nowadays prefer making payment through their mobile wallets to debit or credit cards. In USA, some companies like Starbucks are using contactless payment options successfully to generate more revenue. Hence, the customers will love to buy product from an ecommerce website that allows them to use contactless payment options. Hence, many enterprises have to redesign their ecommerce websites in 2017 to accommodate the emerging mobile and contactless payment options.
6) Same Day Delivery and Return
There are many people who still prefer brick-and-mortar stores to web stores due to instant delivery. The web store owners must focus on reducing the delivery time of online orders to make more people buy products online. A number of studies have also shown that many customers do not hesitate to pay extra for same-day delivery. Hence, the ecommerce businesses have to explore ways to reduce delivery time of orders. Some companies will even provide flexible delivery option to customers and set up local drop-off points to ensure faster delivery. Likewise, they also need to ensure that each customer has option to return orders without putting extra time, effort and money.
7) User Generated Content
Many people nowadays read the product review and comments posted by other buyers before buying a product. Likewise, many people even choose a web store based on the shopping experience posted by other customers. Hence, enterprises can easily boost ecommerce sales by providing additional information about the products through pictures, description, specifications, and user reviews. Many ecommerce businesses will encourage customers to write reviews and share their shopping experience. They will even explore ways to promote the product more effectively through the user generated content.
However, the ecommerce trends keep changing at regular intervals. Hence, an enterprise has to keep track of the emerging trends to generate more ecommerce revenue. At the same time, it must explore ways to attract and retain customers by improving discovery, logistics and delivery through latest technologies.

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How to Set Up a YouTube Custom URL in 5 Steps

any video creator wanting to build a serious presence on YouTube knows that acquiring a custom URL is a powerful way to brand up a channel. YouTube used to insist that a channel had a minimum of 500 subscribers before a creator could get access to this feature, but it has now dropped that number to just 100 subscribers and 10000 views, which is great news for anyone who wants to take advantage of it.

How to Set Up a YouTube Custom URL in 5 Steps
When you create a YouTube channel, the default URL looks a little like this – But that’s hard to remember, and also looks pretty unprofessional. You are going to want to change that as soon as you can so it becomes easy to type, share, and promote.
There are two ways of securing a custom URL. If you have a website, you can claim your unique URL by linking and then verifying your official site with either your YouTube channel, or with its associated Google+ page. Alternatively, you can claim your URL from within your YouTube account, in just 5 easy steps:
  1. Navigate to your YouTube home page. In the top right hand corner (this is YouTube, so the layout is obviously subject to change at any time) you’ll find a box named ‘Channel Tips’. Click on the ‘Get a New Custom URL‘ link and then ‘Get it Now’.
  2. A new window will open and give you 2 different options for your custom URL. You can either pick the first option, which should match the name you gave your channel upon set up, or you have the chance to pick something a little more custom by adding more keywords after the channel name. (If you want to choose a different name altogether, stop everything and follow these steps to change your YouTube channel display name before committing to a custom URL).
  3. If you are happy with your choice, agree to YouTube’s TOS and click on the ‘Change URL’ button.
  4. You’ll be asked to confirm your custom URL one more time –  once the new URL has been claimed it can’t be changed again, or transferred to another channel.
  5. Click ‘Confirm Choice’. The new URL doesn’t immediately update (it didn’t for me anyway) but you should see it once YouTube has caught up with the changes.
If you don’t find the notification in ‘Channel Tips’, go to your channel’s ‘advanced account page and check there. Your YouTube account will need to be in good standing, have been active for 30 days, have 100+ subscribers, and have channel art to qualify.
If you haven’t claimed your custom URL then do it today – either by linking your website or from within YouTube. It looks so much more professional and will provide consistency for your branding or channel message.

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8 Factors to Choose the Best Email Marketing Software

Marketing is the key for any business to flourish, and with traditional marketing strategies taking a backseat, the focus has shifted to digital marketing.
Choose According To Your Needs
Many email marketing software, known as integrated software, can work in integration with your current CRM system, which can be expensive than the standalone software. It is for you to decide whether you need a standalone or integrated system, depending on your needs.

Email marketing, as the name suggests, is the marketing strategy that uses the medium of email to reach out to customers. The current customer base or the sold lists are referred, for obtaining email addresses of customers. In case you wish to do the marketing yourself, instead of hiring a third-party, you will need reliable marketing software that can perform the task in minutes, and help fetch you business.
8 Factors to Consider to Choose your Best Email Marketing Software :
1.Evaluate Need
There are hundreds of email marketing software that are available, and each one of them has its own specialization. Few software can get email addresses, manage emails, send them, and also analyze responses after a stipulated time period. It is for you to decide whether you need the software to perform all these tasks, or a single one. Carefully research the features of the software, and then narrow down on any one of them.
Computer and Internet technology is constantly changing. If the software that you have currently chosen doesn't adhere to this changing process, your software may soon become outdated. This can adversely affect your business. Thus, it is necessary to have a software that upgrades itself on a regular basis.

3.Ease of Use
The software that you choose will be used by many employees of your firm. If using the software needs expertise, its likelihood of being used will reduce. Thus, the ease of using the software plays a vital role in choosing the software. It should have a simple user interface, and an easy troubleshooting or help option.
The email marketing software are created to give end-to-end marketing solutions. From the import of contact lists to sending the email, all the tasks should be performed by the software. The software should be able to detect repeated addresses. Also, many software allow you to tag address depending on the geographic area, so that demographic-specific emails can be sent. However, as I mentioned earlier, it is advisable to evaluate your feature-related needs before zeroing-in on any software.
Though all the other factors matter, it eventually boils down to the cost. When you have started a business, the funds allocation for the marketing campaign is not huge. Thus, it is necessary to consider the cost-effectiveness of the software before buying it.
6.Help and Support
Once you have bought the software, there are bound to be glitches in its usage. Your problems need to be solved on timely basis by the software-making company. A representative from the firm should be present for help, and also features like live chat should be available. Consult with the existing or past customers of these firms to find out about their after-sales support.

7.Integrating with Social Media
Social media is the newest hangout place, and often potential customers are found on this platform. Thus, it is wise to tap this sector for marketing purposes. There are many software available in the market which can integrate emails with social media like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc. This integration will definitely fetch you more customers due to the social media website's user base.
8.Report Creation
The need to get an email marketing software is to make people aware of your product through an email. It is only when you know how the campaign is going, that you can make amendments to it. The software should provide you all the graphs and charts regarding the subscription to the email, unsubscribing information, how many people actually open the email, how many emails reach the intended customer, etc.

You will find a lot of email marketing software reviews online, read each of them carefully by keeping the said factors in mind. By using such software, you will be able to grow your business in the digital marketplace as well.
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