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Launching Your Own Affiliate Program

If you have your own product, launching an affiliate program is a necessity if you want to reach your full profit potential.  Even if you manage to control a massive 10% of your entire niche market on your own, that still leaves 90% of that niche's traffic on the table.
By setting up an affiliate program, you can harness the power of having other people make money for you.  Instead of spending your time promoting your product, you can let other people do it for you while you spend your time forming JV partnerships, developing new product ideas, getting new products created, and taking care of other tasks to grow your business.
There are many ways to set up an affiliate program.  Which one you choose will probably depend on what type of product you're selling, and where you're located in the world.  A lot of people purchase affiliate scripts that allow them to run their own affiliate program through PayPal.  

But PayPal doesn't allow users from many countries, and if you live in one of those countries, you'll have to find a different solution. If you're selling physical products like shoes or books, you might go through Commission Junction.  
Commission Junction is one of the largest affiliate systems in the world.  They may be a little complex to set up, and they have certain rules you'll have to comply with, but they have a huge database of affiliates ready and waiting to promote your products.
If you're selling digital products like software or eBooks, you might want to go through ClickBank.  ClickBank is the world's largest seller of eBooks and other digital products.  They make it extremely easy to run an affiliate program, and they take care of almost everything for you.  

They handle the billing for you, they handle customer refund requests, and they can even handle some of your customer service questions.  They'll even pay your affiliates for you.  ClickBank*does take a percentage of your sales, so if you're paying your affiliates a 50% commission, you'll be making a bit less than 50% yourself, because of ClickBank's fees.  
They also charge $49 up front to approve your product before you're
allowed to sell through them.  But you'll have fees with any billing solution.  After all, they have to make money somehow, too.

An alternative to ClickBank is PayDotCom.  it is very similar to ClickBank, but with a few differences.  With PayDotCom, you don't have to pay an upfront fee to sell a single product through them.  
The money also goes to your PayPal account, which can be another big benefit.  But for people without PayPal accounts, PayDotCom isn't going to work.  You need a PayPal account to be paid, and you'll also have to pay your affiliates out of your PayPal account, as well.
Another easy solution for selling digital products is JVZoo
First and foremost, JVZoo commissions are instant via PayPal. In my opinion this is the number one reason affiliates are flocking to JVZoo. As compared to ClickBank who makes it hard for new affiliates to get paid, and traditional networks like Commission Junction that may take up to 90 days to pay your commissions, JVZoo uses PayPal’s Adaptive Payments technology to pay you instantly at the point of sale.
With PayPal’s adaptive payment however, a single payment is truly split between the seller, JVZoo, and you. When the seller initiates a refund for the buyer, PayPal will automatically deduct the split amount from all accounts.
another big thing we want to mention in our JVZoo is the integration with Warrior Forum, probably the largest marketplace for Internet marketing products. This is done through their “Automated WSO Failover System”, which is basically a replicated offer of your original WSO post on their own forum.
A WSO (Warrior Special Offer) forum is where hundreds of Internet marketers in the “make money online” niche post huge discounts for their products. Some even sell exclusively through the Warrior Forum.
Don't forget to create an affiliate toolbox, too! In order for your affiliate force to make sales, they'll need ready-made marketing materials such as banners,buttons, eCovers, emails, and articles they can use.

good luck with your online marketing efforts .

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